How do you find the quotient of #8/(3x^2)div4/x#?

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Jun 5, 2017


There are two ways to divide a fraction:


Method 1

Flip the second fraction, multiply, and simplify.

#8/(3x^2) div 4/x = 8/(3x^2) xx x/4#

#= (8x)/(12x^2) = 2/(3x)#

Final Answer


Method 2

Divide across without flipping.

This method is not usually used, since it often results in a fraction over another fraction, which only makes things even harder to simplify. However, it is a perfectly valid method of division and, in the right cases, is much faster.

#8/(3x^2) div 4/x = (8 div 4)/(3x^2 div x) = 2/(3x)#

Final Answer