How do you find the slope and y intercept for 5x+4y=12?

1 Answer
May 6, 2018

The slope of 5x + 4y = 12 is: #-5/4#
The y intercept of 5x + 4y = 12 is (0, 3)


So let start by writing the equation again.

5x + 4y = 12

Now, to find the slope, you should start by subtracting 5x from both sides as you would want it in slope intercept form y = mx+b. Subtracting from 5x from both sides give us:

4y = -5x + 12

Now, we cannot have a number in front of y because that is breaking the rule of standard form for slope intercept form. So to make it slope intercept form, divide everything by 4y and you get this:

y = #-5/4#x + #12/4#

Now, I can further simply #12/4# to 3.

So the slope of 5x + 4y = 12 is #-5/4# and the y intercept is (0, 3)