How do you find the slope and y intercept of #y=x-2#?

1 Answer
Jul 1, 2016

Slope (gradient) = 1
Y intercept = (0,-2)


In this format for the equation, the slope of the line (better called its "gradient") is just denoted by the number in front of the "x", in this case a 1.

To find the y-intercept for and line, substitute into the equation x = 0

So we get:
y = x - 2
y = 0 - 2
y = -2.

Therefore the point of the intercept is (0,-2).

The "cheats" way of doing this is that the x value will always be 0, and the y value will always be whatever is added or subtracted after the x in the original equation, which in this case is -2.