How do you find the slope for x=11y?

1 Answer
May 28, 2016



The equation of a line in #color(blue)"slope-intercept form"# is

where m represents the slope and b, the y-intercept.

The advantage of having the equation in this form is that the values of m and b can be extracted 'easily'.

If we arrange x = 11y into this form , then we can obtain the slope.

hence x = 11y is the same as 11y = x

dividing both sides by 11

#rArr(cancel(11)^1 y)/cancel(11)^1=1/11x→y=1/11x#

thus m (slope) #=1/11# ,b is 0 which tells us that the line passes through the origin.
graph{1/11x [-10, 10, -5, 5]}