How do you find the slope of (-2,3) and (4,9)?

1 Answer
May 11, 2015

I think you mean the slope of a line through the points (-2,3) and (4,9).

The slope is basically (change in #y#) / (change in #x#).

slope #= (Delta y) / (Delta x) = (9-3) / (4-(-2)) = 6/6 = 1#

Both #x# and #y# increase by 6 between the initial and final point.

To add to the answer, you can also determine the slope by counting on a graph. Plot your two points on a graph and connect the two points to form a triangle. Once you have your triangle, you can proceed to count the rise (Going up or down) and then the run (across). Thus, fulfilling the formula of rise/run