How do you find the square root of 576?

1 Answer
Sep 14, 2015




Manually if you want to calculate the square root.

Then, select two digits in pair from the right.

In our case it is 76. 5 is left alone.
Choose a number to divide 5 in such a way the remainder is less than the chosen number.

in our case it is 2. You must have it like this #2 xx 2# the product is 4.

Place this just below 5. Balance is 1. Then take the two other numbers you have paired. In our case it is 76. You have to divide this 76. For which you have to find an appropriate number.

Multiply the already found number (in our case it is 2) by two. It is 4.
Place it by the side of 2 at the top.. It is 24.

Place it by the side of the adjoining line to 76. You have to find one number that go with 4 so that it divides 176. It is four. You divide 176 with forty four.

The answer is 24.

For the steps look at the image