How do you find the value of #10-8div 2#?

1 Answer
Oct 26, 2016


The value of #10-8÷2# is #6#. Here is how:


One important thing to remember while solving this problem is order of operations, which states when you first see a problem, solve using these steps.

1) Do you have any parenthesises? Solve whatever is inside. If not, go on.

2) Do you have any exponents (such as powers)? Solve them. If not, go on.

3) Do you have any multiplication or division? Solve them left to right. If not, go on.

4) Do you have any addition or subtraction? Solve them left to right.

Now, let's use these steps to solve your problem: how do you solve #10-8÷2#?

1) We don't have parenthesis, so we can go on.

2) We don't have any exponents, so we can go on.

3) We have division! #8÷2=4#. Now let's go on since there is no multiplication.

4) And we have subtraction! #10-4#(since we already divided)#=6#

So #6# is your answer.

Hope this helps!

(A really easy way to remember the order of operations is to remember the sentence Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. The letters beginning each word represent each step you need to follow.

Please = Parenthesis
Excuse = Exponents
My = Multiplication
Dear = Division
Aunt = Addition
Sally =Subtraction