How do you find the x and y intercepts of #8x + 4y = 24 #?

1 Answer
Oct 3, 2016

x-intercept = 3
y-intercept = 6


This is the equation of a straight line. When the line crosses the x-axis that is the x- intercept, the corresponding y-coordinate will be zero. Substituting y = 0 into the equation and solving for x gives the x-intercept.

#y=0: 8x+(4xx0)=24#

#rArr8x=24rArrx=3larr" is the x-intercept"#

Similarly, when the line crosses the y-axis the corresponding x- coordinate will be zero. Let x = 0 and solve for y.

#x=0: (8xx0)+4y=24#

#rArr4y=24rArry=6larr" is the y-intercept"#
graph{-2x+6 [-10, 10, -5, 5]}