How do you graph #f(x)=(1/2)x# by plotting points?

1 Answer
Jul 30, 2016

See the explanation


Decide on a range of values for #x#

For each #x# value calculate #1/2xx x# and this is the value for #y#

Some people say that for a straight line you only need 2 points as you draw a line through them with a rule.

I would suggest that a minimum of 3 points is better. If all the points do not line up then at least one of your calculations is wrong.

Show your values in a table. This gives you extra communication marks.

You do not need to colour the table! I have only done so to make things clearer

Tony B

Draw your axis for #x# and #y#. Label these as it again gives you extra points for good communication.

Mark and label your points. Again you get extra marks

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