How do you graph the inequality #3x – 4y<-12#?

1 Answer
Apr 15, 2017

Isolate the y variable, then graph the inequality.


To graph the following inequality, you're going to want to isolate the y variable and then graph it.

First, in order to isolate the y variable, you have to move the x variable to the other side of the inequality.


Since you want to get the y variable by itself, you need to divide the inequality by negative four. Since you are dividing the inequality by a negative number, the inequality sign flips.


Lastly, all you need to do is graph the inequality.
Values on the line itself are not included, so a dotted line is used.
Any point above the line is a valid solution.

graph{y>3/4x+3 [-10, 10, -5.04, 4.96]}