How do you graph the line containing the given pair of points and find the slope (1, 5), (-6, -5)?

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Aug 26, 2017

See a solution process below:


To graph the line going through the two points, we plot the two points and then draw a line through the points:

enter image source here

The slope is #m = 10/7#

We can validate this using the formula for slope. The slope can be found by using the formula: #m = (color(red)(y_2) - color(blue)(y_1))/(color(red)(x_2) - color(blue)(x_1))#

Where #m# is the slope and (#color(blue)(x_1, y_1)#) and (#color(red)(x_2, y_2)#) are the two points on the line.

Substituting the values from the points in the problem gives:

#m = (color(red)(-5) - color(blue)(5))/(color(red)(-6) - color(blue)(1)) = (-10)/(-7) = 10/7#