How do you graph #x - y = 10#?

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Apr 4, 2016

you just have to insert numbers for #x# and get the #y# values for them and mark those points in the Cartesian plane to draw the graph


the very first thing you should know is that since this equation's #x# and #y# are on their first degrees, this equation represents a straight line.
later you will find that equations like #y=ax^2+bx+c# represents parabolas and so on..

ok answer to your question

first try inserting #0# for #x# and solve for #y#. you will get #y=-10#
that is the point where the graph intercepts the #y# axis.
like wise you can try inserting more values for #x# and get their #y# values and mark them on the plane. then you can match them to draw the graph!

it's just simple as that! good luck =)

graph{x-y=10 [-10, 10, -5, 5]}

Apr 4, 2016

see explanation


This is the equation of a line. When the line crosses the x-axis , it's y-coordinate will be zero. To find the x-intercept substitute y = 0 into the equation.

let y = 0: x - 0 = 10 → x = 10 → (10,0) is a point on line.

Similarly when the line crosses the y-axis it's x-coordinate will be zero.

Let x = 0: 0 - y = 10 → y = -10 → (0,-10) is a point on the line.

2 points are enough to draw the line , although a 3rd point is useful in aligning the points.
For this choose any value for x/y and substitute into equation.

let x = 2: 2 - y = 10 → -y = 8 → y = -8 and (2,-8) is a point.

Now plot (10,0), (0,-10) and (2,-8) and draw a straight line through them.
Here is the graph of x-y = 10
graph{x-10 [-20, 20, -10, 10]}