How do you graph #y>1/3x+5#?

1 Answer
Jun 7, 2017

See explanation.


First, let's recall the definition of a linear inequality. A linear inequality is a linear function with one of the symbols of inequality
(#lt, gt, le, ge, ne#) replacing the #=# sign found in linear equations. Utilizing this definition, we can first graph #y=1/3x+5# and then go from there:

graph{y=1/3x+5 [-12.92, 7.08, -1, 9]}

After that, we must determine whether to shade the upper bound of the linear equation or the lower bound. Since it is #y>1/3x+5#, we have to shade the upper bound:

graph{y>1/3x+5 [-12.92, 7.08, -1, 9]}

Hope it helped!

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