How do you graph #y= 4x-2#?

1 Answer
Feb 7, 2016

graph{y=4x-2 [-10, 10, -5, 5]}


You have two options (non-calculator or calculator)

If you have a TI calculator, you can just press the y= , plug in the equation, 2nd, graph, and graph the points list.

Without the calculator, you need to know the slope and y-intercept.
You have y=4x-2
Think back to the slope-intercept form which is y=mx+b (please please, memorize this formula!)
You know that m stands for the slope and if m=4, then 4 is your slope.
The y-intercept is usually the b the the slope-intercept form and if b=-2, your y-intercept is -2. I recommend you graph (0,-2)

You know your slope is rise over run so to move towards the positive x-values, move up 4 and right 1.

To move towards the negative y-values , you would move down 4 and left 1.

Hope this helped!