How do you graph #y=6/5x+5# using slope intercept form?

1 Answer
Jun 19, 2018

graph{y = 6/5x + 5 [-10, 10, -5, 5]}


To solve the problem, you need to know the formula for slope. It is "y = mx + b". M stands for slope and B represents the y-intercept.

So our y-intercept is 5 which makes the point (5,0). We will plot the first point there.

Our slope is 6/5 and since slope is "rise over run" we will go up (or down if you want to plot it backwards) 6. Then if we moved up, we will plot the point 5 to the right. If we moved down, we will plot 5 to the left of that.

Repeat this as many times as needed and then draw a line to connect the points!

If this seems confusing, I suggest going to the link below: You can search for slope and find MANY helpful resources.