How do you identify the terms, like terms, coefficients and constants in each expression 11q-5+2q-7?

1 Answer
May 25, 2016

Terms: 11q - 5 + 2q - 7
Like terms: 11q and 2q are like terms. 5 and 7 are like terms.
Coefficients: 11 q - 5 + 2 q - 7
Constants: 11q - 5 + 2q - 7

See below for why


Terms are the things between the operation symbols: 11q, 5, 2q, 7
Variables are letters: 'q' in '11q' and 'q' in '2q'
Coefficients are numbers that multiply variables: '11' in '11q' and '2' in '2q'
Constants are lone numbers.
Like terms are terms that have their variables raised to the same power.

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