How do you identify the terms, like terms, coefficients, and constants in each expression -22m -2n + 1?

1 Answer
Nov 12, 2016


Terms are three
Coefficients are -22 and -2
Constant is 1


This algebraic expression has 3 terms. These are 1, -2n and -22m. This expression means that 2n and 22m are subtracted from 1, that is 1-2n-22m.

Alternatively, it can be stated that 2n is subtracted and 1 is added to the number -22m.

In the given expression, -22m and -2n are algebraic terms, containing unknown numbers 'm' and 'n', while 1 is a constant term.

In the algebraic numbers, -22 is the coefficient of 'm' and -2 is the coefficient of 'n'