How do you make an improper fraction for 2 3/8?

1 Answer
Nov 6, 2015

A different way of looking at it!!!!


Another way of looking at it is as if we are dealing with ratios

Given: #2 3/8# write this as #2/1 + 3/8#

To be able to add the counts directly the number under 2 need to become 8. The numbers underneath (denominators) must be the same. The top number (numerator) is the actual count. The denominator is the size of what we are counting.

We can make the change by multiplying 2/1 by 1 but in the form of #8/8#

#(2/1 times 8/8) + 3/8#

#(2 times 8)/(1 times 8) + 3/8#

#16/8 + 3/8#

#(16+3)/8 = 19/8#

This is how the short cut works that people talk about when saying convert to 8'th. For your question it is over the top but the method will help you understand some of the methods used when dealing with complex algebra!!