How do you reconcile something as messy as the Big Bang theory sounds with the well ordered universe and biological systems that can be found in our universe?

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Feb 1, 2018

"Reconciliation" is for philosophers. Scientists try to establish FACTS.


Even determining "facts" is a difficult, on-going process, with many errors along the way. BUT, the point of the "Scientific Method" is to KEEP questioning and looking for supporting EVIDENCE, even when you think that you "know" the correct answers!

So yes, we would like to have a consistent description of our universe - including what we may deduce of its past - based on observation and theories of how those observations follow certain "rules". Of course, you have already made a HUGE assumption (without specific evidence) that "the universe" is "well-ordered" to begin with!

In any case, true scientists (professional or not) welcome any new concept for investigation, as well as evidence providing additional support, modifications, or conclusive rejection of the suitability of any model or theory currently in use.