How do you simplify #122 + 6 ÷ 3# using order of operations?

2 Answers
Apr 23, 2018

BIDMAS, #122+2=124#


Order or priority BIDMAS states that you do Division before Addition as D comes before A.

The expanded for of BIDMAS is:

1) Brackets - do first
2) Indices
3) Division
4) Multiplication
5) Addition
6) Subtraction - do last

The general rule is you go through the acronym from B-S

(it is not a perfect rule and the explanation isn't great, sorry, if anyone can explain it better feel free)

Apr 23, 2018

Use the order of operations


The way my students from Carr in Santa Ana remember the Order of Operations is

" If you get hurt in PE call an MD ASap.

P stands for Parenthesis
E stands for exponents

PE is one class so do the brackets, parenthesis, and exponents together and do these first.

MD a doctor is one person so do multiplication and Division at the same time working from left to right which ever comes first.

ASap As soon as possible is one time so do Addition and Subtraction next. working from left to right which every comes first

# 122 + 6/3 = 122 + 2 # doing division before addition.

# 122 + 2 = 124# doing addition ( and subtraction) last.