How do you simplify #18 / 2 times 3# using PEMDAS?

1 Answer
Mar 27, 2018

IN this case, the order doesn't matter - the Multiplication and Division may be done in any order..


This is just a combination of the "M" and "D" parts - nothing else is involved. That order just makes the acronym easier to say, it can be "MD" or "DM" in terms of functional order.
Taking the operations strictly in PEMDAS order would mean doing the Multiplication first, then the Division:

#18/2 xx 3 = (18xx3)/2 = 54/2 = 27#

Just to show the equivalence (multiplication and division are just inverses of each other, so the "order" of function is really the same).

#18/2 xx 3 = 9xx3 = 27#