How do you simplify and make the decimal 0.225 into a fraction?

2 Answers
Oct 14, 2015



First convert 0.225 into a whole number, so you have to multiply it with 1000.
Now divide it by the 1000, so 225/1000.
Now simplify that. They are both divisible by 25.

Hence, 9/40 is the simplest form. And 9/40=0.225

Oct 14, 2015

0.225 = 9/40


First, there is an answer that is evident from the beginning. Take the literal decimal, .225, and determine what fraction it represents.

There are three digits in the decimal 0.225, so the last digit is the 1000ths place. This shows that 0.225 = 225/1000.

The fraction 225/1000 is not in its simplest form. To reduce the fraction, find the Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) / Greatest Common Factor (GCF). (*) We can reduce this fraction to its lowest terms by dividing the numerator and denominator by 25 because it is the GCD/GCF.

So now, divide 225 and 1000 by 25...

The final answer is 9/40.

(*) If you have the TI-Nspire calculator, there is a shortcut for finding the GCD/GCF. Press the menu button, 2, 5, and gcd( will appear on the screen. Key in the numbers separated by a comma, and the calculator will find the GCD/GCF for you.