How do you solve #2- 7k = - k + 20#?

1 Answer
Nov 15, 2016

In this question we have to find the value of K.


The first step while solving these problems is to take the like terms on each side ie. terms with K on one side and the numbers on the other side.
2-7K= -K +20
-7K + K = 20 - 2
This will give me,
-6K = 18
Note, here that I have used -ve sign before 6K because whenever we are solving an equation we use the sign and operation which the bigger value of coefficient has ie. here 7 was bigger than 1 and it had a -ve sign before it so I subtracted the two and added a -ve sign before 6.

Now to find the value of K I will divide both the sides with -6. That will give me:
K= -3