How do you solve and graph #x+2<=5# or #x-4>=2#?

1 Answer
Mar 3, 2018

Using the set intersection, we can solve and plot a graph.


Solve the two equations to get x on one side.
x+2 ≤ 5 (or) x ≤3
x-4 ≥ 2 (or) x ≥ 6

Now, the intersection of these two is where our x lies.
Draw the graph for the first in-equation. Graph of the first in-equation is from 3 to all the way to -∞. On the same graph, draw the second in-equation which is from 6 to all the way to ∞.

Now, wherever the common part of this graph lies, that is where our x is going to be. But, you will find out that there is no common part or the sets do not intersect. Thus, there is no value of x which satisfy the given set of in-equation.