How do you solve the inequality #|2x - 5| < 2# ?

1 Answer
Feb 3, 2016

You would get x<7/2 and x>3/2


  1. You need to create two forms of the equation. Draw two separate lines because this inequality requires two answers.

  2. On one equation you should take out the brackets and find what 2x-5 < 2 equal to.

You should get x< 7/2.

  1. Now, on the other equation, I need you to put a negative on the 2 and flip the inequality.

Like this: 2x-5> -2

You shall get x> 3/2

If you are graphing, it's much easier in decimal form. 7/2 is 3.5 while 3/2 is 1.5

Hope this helped!