How do you solve the system #2x+3y= -1# and #4x+6y = -2# by graphing?

1 Answer
Jan 4, 2016

Plug both -2/3x-1/3=y and -2/3x-1/3=y into your calculator (y button, plug equations, graph)


  1. Put both equations into slope-intercept form.


Subtract 2x on both sides
Now you have 3y= -2x-1
Now divide both sides by 3
You would then get -2/3x-1/3=y
Plug this in your calculator (If you have a TI calculator, press the y= button and don't do anything further.

Now we have to put 4x+6y= -2 in slope-intercept form.
Subtract 4x on both sides on the equation.
You should get 6y= -4x-2
Divide both sides by 6
You now have y=-4/6x-2/6
Reduce the fraction and you have -2/3x-1/3=y