How do you subtract and simplify #9-5 1/3#?

1 Answer
Mar 29, 2016

#3 2/3#


Before we do any calculations, we need to make the fractions into the same form. As we have a whole number and and a mixed number, we can do this by turning both into improper (top-heavy) fractions.

We multiply the 9 by 3 as there are 3 thirds in a whole unit and 9 whole units.

#9 = (9xx3)/3 = 27/3#

Same as before, but this time there are 5 whole units. Then we add on the one third from before.

#5 1/3 = ((5xx3) + 1)/3 = 16/3#

So now we are taking away #16/3# from #27/3# which can be done by putting it all over 3 and doing a simple subtraction. We can only do this when the denominator (bottom part of the fraction) for both fractions are the same.

#(27 - 16)/3 = 11/3#

Then we just turn it into a mixed number again by seeing how many times 3 fits into 11 (so how many whole units there will be) then taking the remainder as our numerator (top part of the fraction).

#11/3 = 3 2/3#

Hope this helps; let me know if I can do anything else:)