How do you use area models to divide #204 div 34#?

1 Answer
Jul 24, 2017

An area model is a model for math problems where the length and width are configured using either multiplication, percentage or fractions to figure out the size of an area.


It really is just a way to visualize multiplication/division by splitting the numbers into more easily computed factors.

In multiplication, you draw out the the two numbers as the sides of a rectangle, and then play around with the boxes to make easier calculations. I really don't see the point of studying such a construct.

Anyway, for division the process is inverted. Drawing the larger number as a rectangle, draw the smaller number as rectangles withing the larger one. When they fill the large rectangle you have the solution.

Drawn correctly, you will have a large box with an area of 204 filled with six smaller boxes of area 34.

Khan academy has a nice video here, but I still don't think it adds value.