How do you write #4392.7# in scientific notation?

2 Answers
May 9, 2017

4.3927 # xx 10^3#


In scientific notation there is to be only one number to the left of the decimal. The decimal must be moved three places to the left to put 4 as the only digit to the left of the decimal.

To maintain the value of the number it must be multiplied by a a power of ten. As the decimal has been moved three places to the left making the number smaller the power of ten must be larger by three powers of ten. ( the decimal was moved three places. )

The number of significant numbers ( numbers that have been measured) must be preserved to indicate the precision of the number. There are five numbers in # 4392.7 so all five of these numbers must be expressed in scientific notation. so the answer is

# 4.3827 xx 10^3#

May 9, 2017

Rounded: #4.4 * 10^3#

Unrounded: #4.3927 * 10^3#


The goal of scientific notation is to have a small number (the ones place, usually with a decimal) multiplied by #10# to a power.

By multiplying by #10^3#, the decimal place is moved left #3# digits, making the number #4.3927*10^3#.

Hope this helps!