How do you write an equation in standard form given point (-5,4) and slope -3?

1 Answer
May 5, 2017

3x + y = -11


First you have to find the slope in order to get the standard form. To find slope, with the given information, you have to use the point-slope formula.

The point-slope formula is #y - y1 = m (x - x1)#

Plug in (-5,4) and -3 into the equation where 4 is y1 and -5 is x while -3 is m.

The formula would look like: #y - 4 = -3 (x + 5) #
(in the equation, 5 is now positive because 2 negatives equal a positive)

Now, solve the formula.

The final product would be #y = -3x - 11#

Standard form formula: ax + by = c
To make the slope equation into standard form, first add 3x to both sides, leaving -11 alone on the right side of the equal sign.
The final equation would look like: 3x + y = -11