How do you write an equation of a line given (8,5) and (11,14)?

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Apr 13, 2018



So to write this as an equation follow the steps:
1.First you take y delta divided by x delta. This means that you but in the coordinates, take them minus eachother then divided by eachother. Let me show you with maths for better understanding:

#(y-y)/(x-x)= (14-5)/(11-8) = 9/3 = 3#

Now you have k in y=kx+m ( the equation has different letters depening on where you are from but I think you understand).

So know we just use simple algebra bu putting in the coordinates in the equation. So for this example im going to use the coordinates x= 8 and y=5

so we get:



So our equation is #y=3x-19#