How do you write the expression for quotient of 4 and a number x increased by 6?

1 Answer
Jan 12, 2017


Without punctuation, the expression is ambiguous.

The quotient of 4, and a number increased by 6: #" "4/(x+6)#

The quotient of 4 and a number, increased by 6: #" "4/x +6#


This is a good example of how a lack of any punctuation make the meaning of the sentence ambiguous:

"Quotient" is the answer to a division.

The following are possible interpretations of the given expression.
Let the number be #x#

The quotient of 4, and #color(blue)("a number increased by 6")#:#" "4/color(blue)((x+6))#

The quotient of #color(red)("4 and a number")#, increased by 6: #" "color(red)(4/x) +6#

It is important to be able to write math which is given in English
in a mathematical form, keeping the meaning exactly the same.