How does a comma differ from a semicolon?

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Mar 22, 2018

literally no difference at all.


Both can start up an independent clause. But a comma might not start a new clause in majority times.

However, the COMMA has more usage than semicolon.
If anybody wants to know English perfectly, he has to alert to know the various usages of comma most.

Moreover, be known about AP or Oxford style too.

Mar 22, 2018

Semicolons and commas can both be used to connect independent clauses.


Semicolons are used to connect independent clauses (that are often contrasted with each other or relate to each other in some way). When using a semicolon, do not use a coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so).

He read a book; she watched movies. (Correct)

He read a book; and she watched movies. (Incorrect)

I hate chores; they are boring. (Correct)

I hate chores; for they are boring. (Incorrect)

Commas also join independent clauses, but they are also used in some complex and simple sentences.

I want to eat, watch television, and play video games. (Items in a series are separated by commas)

She said, "I will be happy." (In quotations)

Tilly plays with dolls, and Billy bakes cookies. (Join independent clauses WITH a coordinating conjunction)

Below the rock, Adrian found a diamond. (Used when starting the sentence- in this case, a simple sentence- with a prepositional phrase)

Until the scheduled singer arrives, the show cannot begin. (Used in a complex sentence that starts with a dependent clause)

Jacob, Joshua, and Livia run in the park. (Used when there are multiple subjects in a sentence)