How does alcohol affect the human body?

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Sep 24, 2016

I would like to say that there are short term effects and then there are some long term effects of alcohol on our body.


Effect of alcohol varies with the amount of uptake, how fast the drink is taken, whether taken in empty stomach and it affects different persons differently. It is also important to know amount of alcohol present in a particular drink, because a large mug of beer may actually contain less alcohol when compared to a peg of whisky.

Alcohol is absorbed in blood very quickly after consumption, as some of it enters blood through stomach lining. With circulating blood alcohol reaches each and every organ/tissue and cells. Percentage of blood alcohol concentration decides the types of effects a person may experience.

Though there is an initial feeling of euphoria, later there will be loss of balance, nausea, and confusion. Binge drinking may lead to drunken behaviour and black out. Drinking alters peripheral vision, blurred tunnel vision is experienced by alcoholic persons.

Alcohol mainly damages liver and kidneys on the long term. There is increased chance of deposition of fat on walls of arteries, narrowing lumen of passage of blood. There is loss of inhibition, leading to sexual misadventures but sexual performance worsens.

Long term effects obviously include liver cirrhosis which may lead to liver cancer.