How does land pollution affect health?

1 Answer
Feb 29, 2016

Land pollution is the process of dumping solid or liquid waste materials on the land or underground in such a manner it could contaminate the soil,ground water etc.


Land pollution plays a very important role in affecting the health of the human beings in the following ways:-

  1. The land which is contaminated with toxic chemicals can lead to many health problems like cancer, defects in human respiratory system etc as these toxic chemicals can enter the human body through the consumption fruits and vegetables grown on the polluted land.
  2. Poisoning of ground water through the introduction of toxins like arsenic, lead, cadmium can cause birth defects, damages in various organ systems of the body like reproductive system, nervous system etc.
  3. The disposal of spent fuel rods from nuclear power plants can lead to the exposure of harmful radiations to human beings which can cause illnesses like skin cancer and birth defects.