How does sun's energy affect earth's atmosphere?

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Energy from the Sun is very important for the Earth.

Please see below for explanation:


The Sun warms our planet, heating the surface, the oceans and the atmosphere. Forests, lakes, oceans, glaciers, deserts, and cities all absorb, reflect, and radiate heat differently.

Light colors reflect light back into space, while dark colors absorb heat, warming the Earth.

The Sun heats the earth through radiation. Since there is no medium (like the gas in our atmosphere) in space, radiation is the primary way that heat travels in space. When the heat reaches the earth it warms the molecules of the atmosphere, and they warm other molecules and so on. (Credit)

Our climate is also strongly affected by the amount of solar radiation received at Earth. That amount changes based on the Earth’s albedo, that is how much radiation is reflected back from the Earth’s surface and clouds.

Please check this Sunspots and Wind.

Sun also emit UV light which can harm us but ozone layer blocks it.

By the sun's energy our solar cell are running. So we can say that energy from the Sun is very important for the Earth.

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