How does the death of a massive star differ from the death of a sun-like star?

1 Answer
Dec 25, 2015

Sun will not go Supernova.


A main sequence Star after it has consumed all of i's fuel from Hydrogen to Helium and then from Helium to Carbon will calmly shed it's outer layers forming a Planetary nebula without going Supernova resulting in a small extremely dense Star about the mass of the Sun and size of the Earth, known as a White Dwarf.

A Massive Star, about 2 or more times massive than the Sun, after it has consumed all of it's fuel from hydrogen to Helium, Helium to Carbon and then from carbon to other heavier elements, it will collapse on its core in a violent explosion called a Supernova explosion after which it will become a Neutron Star or a Black Hole, depending on it's initial mass.