How does the human body change as we age?

1 Answer
May 29, 2016

There are various changes that occur in human body during ageing. Changes are seen in almost all the systems.


  1. Immune system's efficacy decreases, autoimmunity may increase
  2. Lens within the eye loses elasticity and gradually becomes opaque.
  3. Vision and hearing get affected due to loss of neurons.
  4. Basal metabolic rate slows down.
  5. Rate of cell division slows down, as a result fracture/wound healing take more time.
  6. Motor coordination, maintenance of stable body temperature, etc. not perfect anymore.
  7. Secretion of sex hormones steadily decline; gradual loss of pubic and axial hairs take place.
  8. Bone density decreases, intervertebral discs become thinner leading to loss of height.
  9. There is greying of hair, weakening of muscles and wrinkling of skin.
  10. Senile dementia may set in.