How earth was formed according to the nebular hypothesis?

1 Answer
Feb 20, 2018

The earth was formed from the spinning of the cloud.


It describes that the solar system is formed from a giant cloud of molecular gas and dust. It is believed that all the planets of the solar system were formed at the same time from a nebula cloud, 4.5 billion years ago.

Something happened that caused the cloud to collapse but then the cloud was collapsed gravitationally at the end of the cloud. Due to this the gas and dust began to collect in denser regions, started rotating and began to heat up.

Most of them was only left as a ball in the center,this gave birth to the Sun and the rest of the matter circled around the ball at the center(SUN), the matter which circled around the Sun are all the planets in our solar system which later became few because of the high boiling points.

The planets are formed from rocky clumps that escaped the cloud.
Due to the spinning of the clouds it turned into a fragment and thus forms the planet Earth.