How far did the USA, in the years 1919-29, suffer from heightened political and social tensions?

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Jul 9, 2017

Social agitation was vivid as the far left was very active politically


The 1920s were a time of political tension, the Bolshevik Revolution triggered a trememdous amount of paranoia(Palmer RaidsHat was the purpose of the Palmer Raids? The Sacco and Vanzetti is another example of the polical emulation that characterized this period.

WWI had been an opporunity for the establishment to consolidate its grip over the population with the Espionnage Act passed in 1917, war had not only created business oppornuties to struggling industries( the steel industry was overproducing prior to WWI), it had made possible the weakening of Labor Union agitation, especially that of the Wobblies, the IWW who defended the unskilled workers mostly foreign-born and underpaid.