How has space exploration changed over time?

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Mar 14, 2016


Space exploration has dramatically changed over time, since 1957 till date (a period of nearly 60 years).


The major milestones in space exploration are as under:
Date accomplished Event Details Country/Agency

1 Oct. 4, 1957 first artificial satellite Sputnik 1 USSR

2 April 12, 1961 first human to orbit Yury Gagarin USSR
Earth (Vostok 1)

3 Feb. 3, 1966 first spacecraft to soft Luna 9 USSR
-land on the Moon

4 Dec. 24, 1968 first humans to orbit Apollo 8 USA
Moon (3 astronauts)

5 July 20, 1969 first human to land Neil Armstrong USA
on the Moon (Apollo 11 )

6 April 19, 1971 first space station Salyut 1 USSR

7 March 2, 1972 first spacecraft launched Pioneer 10 USA
to leave Solar System

8 July 17, 1975 first international Apollo-Soyuz USA,
docking in space Test Project USSR

9 Aug-Sep, 1977 spacecrafts to visit & Voyager 1 & 2 USA
leave Solar System

10 April 25, 1990 first large optical space Hubble Space USA,
telescope launched Telescope ESO

11 Nov. 2, 2000 first resident crew to 1 astronaut, USA,
occupy ISS 2 cosmonauts Russia

Agencies involved in space exploration are located in USA, Russia, European Union (ESA), China, Canada, Japan and India.

Apart from the Moon, a host of other bodies have been explored through spacecrafts, such as other planets, dwarf planets, asteroids, comets and moons of other planets.

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