How is stars,dust,and gas related to dark matter?

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Feb 5, 2018




The Galactic disc is the region of the Milky Way Galaxy where our Solar System resides. It is crowded with stars and clouds of gas and dust, and also a concentration of elusive dark matter. #-># taken from here.

Where there is matter, there is about 5 times more dark matter. While they do not interact physically and chemically, you can say that they are simply gravitationally attracted to each other.

Dark matter also helps shape stars; imagine trying to push a heavy cartload of rocks, it would be very difficult or even impossible. Now imagine there are 5 other people to help you- it would be much easier and physically feasible.

Note: Although the study of dark matter is very exciting and insightful to us, the nature that dark matter and energy does not interact with light makes them difficult to study; after all, they are hypothetical.

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