How is the relative pronoun in the adjective clause used in the sentence? Ms. Jackson, who lives in California, loves to surf.

2 Answers
Mar 31, 2018

Appositive, an extra of information


we know here who is who, it is JACKSON. Main information is Ms Jackson loves to surf.

If we omit- who lives in California- then the main sentence will not be affected.
who lives in California, a dependent clause--name adjective clause even you can call it a noun clause too. Because Ms Jackson's re name is who and whole a clause that made an object or noun. Ms Jackson modifies the object or the clause, a bit exception of English rule, please keep in mind.
And making a comma before WHO also made the clause A NON RESTRICTIVE CLAUSE.
In English we usually do only to write enchanting way but it is not essential anything.

The relative pronoun "who" introduces the relative clause "who lives in California".


A relative clause is a group of words with a subject and a verb but is not a complete sentence (it's a dependent clause) that relates information about its antecedent.
The relative clause "who lives in California" is information that relates to the antecedent, Ms. Jackson.