How long do human body cells live?

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Feb 24, 2016

Life span of different cells varies, depending upon their location and work they do.


Human body cells are divided into three types on the basis of their ability to multiply:
1. Labile cells (which are rapidly dividing cells and multiply throughout life)
2.Stable cells (which only multiply when receiving external stimulus to do so)
3.Permanent cells (which don't have the ability to multiply)

those cells that do not have the ability to multiply have a long lifespan (if not damaged by trauma) eg. brain cells, heart cells.

And those that are labile, have the shortest lifespan. eg. cells of nails, hair follicles, mouth, digestive tract, and bone marrow

Lifespan of some labile cells in human body:

Red blood cells 120 days
Neutrophils 4-5 days
Eosinophils about 21 days
lymphocytes 2 to 4 months
platelets 8 to 10 days


SKIN about 2 weeks