How many grams of barium hydroxide required to dissolve in 156g of water to make a 0.247m solution?

1 Answer
Jul 2, 2016

6.60g of #Ba(OH)_2# is required.


To answer this question, we need two things:

  • The molar mass of barium hydroxide, 171.34 g/mol
  • The equation for molality:

We are given the molality and mass of solvent. The mass of solvent is expressed in terms of grams and we need kilograms so the following relationship must be used:

1000g = 1kg

Divide 156g by 1000 to obtain 0.156 kg of solvent.

Next, we determine the number of moles of solute (barium hydroxide), by rearranging the equation:

Moles of solute = Molality x Mass of solvent

Therefore, #0.247 m xx 0.156kg# = #0.0385 mol Ba(OH)_2#

Since we want the mass of #Ba(OH)_2#, the number of moles of solute must be multiplied by the molar mass of the solute:

#0.0385 cancel(mol)xx(171.34g)/(1cancelmol)#

g #Ba(OH)_2# = 6.60g