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How many moles of ammonia forms when 2 moles of nitrogen and 6 moles of hydrogen?

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anor277 Share
Mar 26, 2018


Write the stoichiometric equation....and consider it...


#1/2N_2(g) +3/2H_2(g)stackrel"catalysis"rarrNH_3(g)#

And in your scenario you have mixed stoichiometric dihydrogen and dinitrogen, i.e. #2*mol# with respect to #N_2#, and #6*mol# with respect to #H_2#.

And so, given stoichiometric reaction (the which we assume for the reaction as written), we should get a #2*mol# quantity of ammonia.

In practice, ammonia synthesis does not enjoy such yields....however, because the product is condensable (why so?), and the reactants are largely non-condensable, a decent turnover can be achieved for this, the most important reaction performed by the chemical industry.

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