How many mols of H2 can be produced from the equation ( 2Na+2HCl yield 2NaCl+H2) if you begin with 31.73grams of each reactant?

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Apr 26, 2018



Before we can find the mols of #H_2#, we need to find the limiting reactant. We can find this by multiplying the mols of our reactants by the mols needed for a reaction.

Note: rxn = Reaction

#31.73"g"_"Na" * (1mol_"Na")/(22.99"g"_"Na") * (1"rxn")/(2"mol"_"Na") = 0.6901"rxn"#

#31.73"g"_"HCl" * (1mol_"HCl")/(36.46"g"_"HCl") * (1"rxn")/(2mol_"HCl") = 0.4351"rxn"#

Since the Hydrogen Chloride has less reactions, it is the limiting reactant, so we should use this in our calculations.

#31.73"g"_"HCl" * (1mol_"HCl")/(36.46g_"HCl") * (2"mol"H2)/(2"mol"_"HCl") = 0.8703"mol"H_2#