How many significant figures are there in 0.00707?

2 Answers
May 1, 2018

3 sig fig


When counting significant figures, you don't count the number of zeros unless you reach the first number that is not a zero

ie you have 0.00707 so you don't count the two zeros infront of the first 7. You would consider 7 as your first significant number. You can then consider the next number which is a 0 as your second significant number now and finally your last 7 is your third number

However, if it was something like 0.700007 then you would count the first 7 as your first significant number and the following 0 as your second significant number and so on. So for the example i just gave you, your significant number would be 6.

Hope this helps!

May 1, 2018

There are 3 sig.figs in that number.


A general rule for significant figures is that:

Leading zeroes are never significant

So the first significant figure starts with the first 7 and counting proceeds after that. So, therefore, the zero between the 7's is the second significant figure and the last seven is the third significant figure.