How many times does the earth go around the sun in a year?

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Feb 14, 2017


One time.


A year is traditionally defined as the time it takes the Earth to revolve around the Sun one time.

However, because it actually takes #365.25# days for a full resolution around the Sun, and not an exact (natural) number of full days, we instead define a normal year as #365# days and use leap years, which have #366# days, to account for the day lost during a four-years time. #0.25# days lost in one year, times four (4), equals one (1) full day. That is added on February 29th.

  • That means that in a normal year, the Sun makes just about one (1) full rotation, and needs a little less than 6 more hours to complete it.

  • In a leap year, one (1) full rotation is completed, and in addition to that, a very, very small additional fragment of a resolution (18-hours worth) is also made.

To be precise:

  • #99.93%# of a full rotation is completed in a normal year
  • #100%# of a full rotation, as well as an additional #0.2%#, is completed on a leap year
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