How people made sword in back days like 600s because there was no technology so how the find ion and made lots of sword and extra?? Thanks

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May 7, 2018

If you are asking how people used metallurgy to craft tools during the early common era...


Metal tools, such as swords and axes, have been produced since the bronze ages. In some civilizations, such as in Mesopotamia, metal tools began to be crafted as early as 3000 BC, utilizing various methods to extract metals, such as tin and copper, from abundant ores of the area.

By the Classical Period, the Romans, Chinese, Indian civilizations and Persian civilizations had all mastered metallurgy, creating powerful and strong iron weapons, and later, in the case of the Chinese, producing iron plows to aid with agriculture.

There definitely was significant technological advancement, although not on the scale that it exists today. With the advent of agriculture came extra time and labor to be able to experiment with new forms of technology, and this led to the creation of metallurgy, and the rise of "civilization".